Saturday, October 8, 2011

Be Positive

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Just nak share some examples tuk relate ngan tajuk diatas dan untuk merealisasikan goal dengan berfikiran POSITIF :

If you think: "I cheated on my diet and ate a huge piece of cake, so I should just give up."
Think this instead: "I know I can do this. I just need to try a little harder. I’m going to have to put a plan in place so that next time I’m tempted, I can make better choices."

If you think: "I’ve gained a few pounds. I’m never going to reach my goal." 
Think this instead: "I know that setbacks are normal and that I can’t be perfect. I know what I need to do to increase my efforts."

If you think: “I have been good all week. Splurging for one night isn’t going to hurt.”
Think this instead: "I’ve been good all week. Why would I give up now?"

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Untuk mendapatkan aura/ion2 positif kite mestilah positifkan diri kite sendiri..disamping bergaul ngan insan2 yang positif didalam environment yg positif..

Walaubagaimanapun dah nama pun manusia, sifat negatif n "down" tu selalu ader..maka untuk medapatkan semula aura positif dalam diri tu perlukan supplement tambahan spt mendekatkan diri dgn ALLAH, berkawan dengan org2 positif, mendengar kata2 positif spt motivasi, ceramah n melihat benda2 yg positif..

Dalam Usaha untuk mendapatkan "POSITIF" dan YAKIN dengan diri sendiri...

us; like tis picture :)

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